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Repeat, Rewind, Repeat.

Growing up is inevitable. Being hurt is a luxury. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has felt strong, all-that-you-can-give love, then be grateful. Also, you’re probably half insane. Time falls down around me lately, all that used to be keeps sticking it’s nose in all of my present day endeavors. “What would I have done back then? It obviously worked because this happened…” and so on and so forth. It’s miserable. Living in the present is the hardest human thing imaginable to do. We are constantly planning our future, whether it’s a strategic 10 year plan or what you’ll have for lunch. Call it being organized, focused, on track, whichever. It isn’t based on your wants and needs now. If we’re constantly planning our happiness for tomorrow, doesn’t that drain any potential for today? Is it not a cycle? If you are a consistently happy person, then I commend you. The reality however is that we plan our future hoping for happiness; a better life. Is what we have today not good enough? Living for now is the most purifying and soul-releasing practice you could ever do. I can’t give a testimony. These moments have only been felt for few seconds every now and again when stress overcomes me about tomorrow and the next. But it’s enough to make you wonder… if those few moments of bliss were to consume a lifetime, would that not be a life worth having full of passionate love, shameless trust? The past would become irrelevant. There would always be something worth living for that day. It makes you wonder why we put ourselves through so much misery, when we could leave the unexpected as exactly that, and our past as what it should be: a time we enjoyed long ago, before today, before now. 


But They Weren’t There Beneath Your Stare

People are more alike than we would like to believe. Age, race, religion, sexual orientation, whichever; they are the design, not the stitching. We are cut from the same material. We have the same basic needs and desires: to be loved, to feel comfort and to be needed. Humans are made into these complicated beings, when really, we just want a common ground. Look beneath your feet.


Mid-October Already.

I feel fortunate to be able to feel so many emotions. People constantly are searching for the one thing that will make them happy, as if happiness is the only emotion worth living for. But experiencing an array of feelings; sadness, desperation, loss, hopefulness, anger, etc., isn’t that what life is? It isn’t always happy; most of the time it is not. Tell me of any artist, scientist, author, or otherwise who experienced only happiness. I am sure even if you could they would be very limited in their strengths. Feeling depressed or lonely, just in general down, has this negative light over it now. They refer counsellors to you and write prescriptions to take your problems away. While in some respects I understand the need for said medications, but for most people, a phase of negative energy can easily be turned positive in the long run. Learn to see the beauty in all of the perspectives your mind has to offer.

October 11th/2011

If I Could Trade Mistakes For Sheep, Count Me Away Before You Sleep

I’m pretty sure that TLC is constantly playing in my living room. My brain is frying, and not even in canola oil. I’m talking full-on trans-fatty greasiness. Do you have any idea what shows they play? The most bizarre ones. I won’t lie, I love it. I really do. It’s entertainment!! A low form of it, but hey, is there even such a thing as good entertainment anymore? If you know of any, drop a line.

I got this sweater at Frenchy’s! $3, and it’s Hollister. I was feeling pretty good about that. I went all brand-whore and bought it for the sole reason of the seagull. Go ahead–judge me now! but I’ve found other reasons to love it. It’s a great layering piece, and it’s pretty cozy too. The plaid shirt I got on sale at American Eagle, and the jeans are also from American Eagle. The belt is an old one of my Mom’s, and the bedazzled bird hanging from my neck is from Spring, although I’ve seen it at a few other places since I bought it last year. Don’t you hate that? And of course it would be a third of the price everywhere else. It’s the way of the universe, & I’ve come to accept it. I was wearing these colourful shoes from Coach today (more specifically from their Poppy line) & they are so fun. I hardly ever wear them, but it went with the whole casual vibe I had going on today.

It was rainy and cold today so I took advantage! I’m excited for more of this Fall weather. Do you feel like baking carrot cake or cinnamon rolls whenever it rains? I know I do.

I’m Weeping Warm Honey and Milk

Chocolate cake with white boiled icing. Holy mother, I’ve missed it. My Nan makes the best, well, everything. I think everyone says that about their Nan though. Oh well, you’ll have to take my word for it I suppose. Anyway that cake lasted a whole I’d say about 2 hours. I don’t feel like Heidi Klum today 😦 Freakin’ boiled icing. Looks like I’ll be unfolding the treadmill tonight, YAY RECORDED MODERN FAMILY! You are the only reason I fit into my skinny jeans.

Here’s a video.


Here’s an outfit.

I mixed a lot of patterns and textures, and I really liked the result. Apologies for the super unfortunate angle, sister was MIA again thus myspace angles prevailed. Soak it up, folks.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Co-Op officially started in my books today! That means I began actually going into the classroom for the afternoon. So far it’s been more so doing odd jobs (ie: photocopies up the wing wang and labelling like a beast) with the occasional correcting of work and helping out the young padawans with their grammar. Did I mention this is all done in FRENCH!? That’s right folks, the old 2nd language is being put to good use, and thank God they are only in 3rd-4th grade. I’m working with the entire French Immersion department so the grades vary. Anyway the main point is I AM DEVELOPING as a person and not as in puberty. Right.

I really liked this outfit, mostly because I had gone on the treadmill the night before and felt like Heidi Klum when I woke up. Best. Feeling. Ever. It must rock to be Heidi Klum for real. So in short; tight was the only option today, but I classed it up by ixnaying on the visible skin and I threw a Hermès scarf into the mix as well. You could put one of those things on a hooker and it’ll make them look classy. I failed miserably at taking one successful full-length shot (My lovely sister who usually takes the pictures was absent), so here are two instead.

This sweater is actually one I dug out of the bag my mom was about to drop off at the Salvation Army. I felt like an awful person for doing so for about 2 seconds. How had I not seen this baby before? It’s a perfect layering piece. These pants get an amazing amount of wear; hard to believe they were only, what, 10 bucks? God love Mom for spotting a deal. Little did she know THEY WERE ACTUALLY CUTE TOO!  These shoes, ahhhh, these shoes. My most worn out, my most-loved. They reaaaaally should be thrown out. But I love them 😦 So that ain’t happening anytime soon. We’ve discussed the scarf already, my I love those scarves….

Thumbs up for a belt from Tim Hortons.

xx – N

This cover is fantastic. ^

As is this one. It makes me cry. Every. Time.


Yellow Diamonds

I was feeling in the mood for something really comfy today, and I’m pretty sure this is the comfiest thing EVER! and by thing I mean outfit. I’m tired…. so this is gonna be short. LIKE FOR REALZIES and not me just saying it’s going to be short and then tricking you into reading more. Okay, so… short. Right. The sweater is very stretchy and warm and perfect for fall weather, and ALSO 3 BUCKS! Yeah, I’m happy about that. If you direct your attention to my finer assets you will notice what appears to be a skirt…. BUT WAIT! They’re actually shorts. Lovely, right? I also love when clothes run very large in size and I need to buy an xs. It’s an ego boost even though I know it’s alllll liiiiiesss. Ou! Also a cheapie, 8 bucks! Leggings from ma mère, belt; même chose. The necklace is from years back, but I think it is just the definition of darling. Isn’t that a great word? Darling. It’s the type of word that only old people, rich people, or old and rich people can say. “Simply darling, dear.” I did have those same desert boots that I am crazy about on, but not here. Fear not, they were seen in action that day. I know, you were so worried.

BAM! short. er.